Choose The Synonym Of Upright (2023)

1. 69 Synonyms & Antonyms for UPRIGHT -

  • On this page you'll find 157 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to upright, such as: erect, perpendicular, vertical, plumb/plum, standing, and straight.

  • Find 69 ways to say UPRIGHT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

2. What is another word for upright? - WordHippo

  • virtuous · good ; honourable · moral ; just · ethical ; honorable · decent ; principled · upstanding.

  • Synonyms for upright include vertical, perpendicular, erect, plumb, standing, raised, upstanding, straight, upended and rampant. Find more similar words at!

What is another word for upright? - WordHippo

3. Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word. Vertical - Testbook

Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word. Vertical - Testbook

4. Upright Synonyms & Antonyms

  • uprightadjective. Synonyms: erect, perpendicular, vertical, plumb, on end · uprightadjective. Synonyms: honest, just, honorable, conscientious, virtuous, good, ...

  • Find all the synonyms and alternative words for upright at, the largest free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations resource on the web.

5. Another word for UPRIGHT > Synonyms & Antonyms

  • 4. upright ; Synonyms. structural member · goalpost · vertical · column · stile · post · pillar · jamb · stud · scape · scantling ; Antonyms. incapability ...

  • Similar words for Upright. Definition: adjective. ['əˈpraɪt, ˈʌˌpraɪt'] in a vertical position; not sloping.

Another word for UPRIGHT > Synonyms & Antonyms

6. Choose the synonym of the given word. Open a) Confused b) Sordid c ...

  • Therefore, option (c.) is correct as its meaning is synonymous with that of the given word 'open'. Option (d.), 'upright', refers to someone of moral excellence ...

  • Choose the synonym of the given word.Opena) Confusedb) Sordidc) Frankd) Uprighte) Loose. Ans: Hint: Synonyms are words or phrases that mean exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase. For example- ‘sad’ and ‘depressed’.Two words that ...

7. Synonyms for UPRIGHT -

  • Synonyms for Upright: · adj. clean. Unguilty . elevated. bigtime . good. incorrupt . incorruptible. inextinguishable; ,; unbribable; ,; undestroyable; , ...

  • upright | synonyms:

Synonyms for UPRIGHT -

8. 93 Synonyms and Antonyms for Upright |

  • Missing: choose | Show results with:choose

  • Synonyms for UPRIGHT: perpendicular, plumb, vertical, ethical, moral, virtuous, erect, exalted, straightforward; Antonyms for UPRIGHT: dishonorable, dishonest, disreputable, unerect, unrespected, fallen, lying, prone.

9. [PDF] 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions

  • upright can mean either honorable or vertical; horizontal and supine are ... means to choose. 241. b. kinetic means relating to motion, or dynamic; static ...

10. Upright, Uprightness - Bible Meaning & Definition - Baker's Dictionary

  • "Upright" is the English equivalent most often used for the Hebrew yasar [r;v"y]. Literally, yasar [r;v"y] pertains to that which is vertically erect ( Gen 37:7 ...

  • Learn what Upright, Uprightness means and it's Biblical definition including verses and verse references on the topic of Upright, Uprightness using Bakers Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology Online.

Upright, Uprightness - Bible Meaning & Definition - Baker's Dictionary

11. A dictionary of English synonymes and synonymous or parallel ...

  • Cull, v. a. Select, elect, choose, pick, Crustacea,. pl. CRUSTACEANS. single ... upright, im- ceit, delusion, mistake, error, misconpartial, unbiassed ...

  • Page  I A DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH SYNONYMES AND SYNONYMOUS OR PARALLEL EXPRESSIONS DESIGNED AS A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO APTNESS AND VARIETY OF PHRASEOLOGY BY RICHARD SOULE The exertion of clothing a thought in a completely new set of words increases both clearness of thought and mastery over words. It is the test of a solid thought that it will bear a change of clothing. - J. R. SEELEY. BOSTON LITTLE, BROWN, AND COMPANY 1871


Choose The Synonym Of Upright? ›

Some common synonyms of upright are conscientious, honest, honorable, just, and scrupulous.

What is the synonyms of upright? ›

Synonyms of upright (adj. erect or vertical)
  • erect.
  • perpendicular.
  • vertical.
  • plumb.
  • standing.
  • straight.
  • cocked.
  • end on.

What is the meaning of upright in one word? ›

upright. / (ˈʌpˌraɪt) / adjective. vertical or erect. honest, honourable, or just.

What is another word for upright in science? ›

upright, erect, vertical, perpendicular imply that something is in the posture of being straight upward, not leaning.

What is a synonym for upright support? ›

PILLAR. Slender supporting column (6) Vertical stone support (6) Porch support (6)

What is an example of upright? ›

upright adjective (STRAIGHT)

straight up or vertical: Please return your seat to an upright position and fasten your belt. Keep the bottles upright. He was sitting in an upright position in the bed, propped up by pillows.

What is 3 synonyms? ›

  • set of three.
  • ternion.
  • three.
  • threesome.
  • trey.
  • triangle.
  • trilogy.
  • trine.
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Does upright mean vertical? ›

Definitions of upright. adjective. in a vertical position; not sloping. “an upright post” synonyms: unsloped perpendicular, vertical.

What is the opposite of upright? ›

▲ Opposite of erect or standing, or rising, up. flat. horizontal. recumbent.

Which term means upright man? ›

Homo erectus, (Latin: “upright man”) extinct species of the human genus (Homo), perhaps an ancestor of modern humans (Homo sapiens). H. erectus most likely originated in Africa, though Eurasia cannot be ruled out.

What is the word class of upright? ›

upright adjective, adverb [not gradable] (STRAIGHT)

What is the prefix meaning upright? ›

Ortho- (prefix): Prefix meaning straight or erect. From the Greek "orthos" that means just that: straight or erect.

What are 3 synonyms for support? ›

  • sustain.
  • carry.
  • bolster.
  • stay.
  • uphold.
  • underpin.
  • brace.
  • buttress.

What is the synonym of within? ›

Synonyms of within (preposition inside of) in. inside. enclosed by. surrounded by.

Which of the following words is a synonym for the word support? ›

A common support synonym is assistance. You can use assistance as another word for many of the definitions of support. Some synonyms for a physical support, especially in architecture, include: Backing.

What is upright mean in the Bible? ›

Purity, honesty, obedience, goodness, and blamelessness are key indications of uprightness. Job's integrity and uprightness ( Job 1:1 Job 1:8 ; 2:3 ) in the midst of dire circumstances bring into bold relief the fear of God that shuns evil in the upright.

How do you use upright in a sentence? ›

Examples from Collins dictionaries

Helen sat upright in her chair. Jerrold pulled himself upright on the bed. He moved into an upright position. He was sitting on an upright chair beside his bed, reading.

What are two words that are synonyms? ›

List of Synonyms
15 more rows

What are 8 synonyms? ›

Eight Synonyms
  • octad.
  • octet.
  • ashcan school.
  • ogdoad.
  • octagon.
  • viii.
  • eighter.


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