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Watch on. When a colony on the edge of the galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of the tyrannical Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, an old man with a mysterious past, seeks out warriors from.

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A facial tattoo distinguished "Hevy" from the other clones of Jango Fett. Designated CT-782, Hevy was a clone trooper who was so named for being a heavy weapons expert and training to use such weapons, including the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon. Along with all other clone troopers made for the Galactic Republic, Hevy was created on the planet Kamino.He served in the Grand Army of the Republic's.

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Dragon-class Heavy Cruiser. Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser. Dreadnought-class heavy cruiser. E. Emissary-class Republic Cruiser. Enforcer-class picket cruiser. I. Immobilizer 418 cruiser/Legends. Interdictor-class Star Destroyer.

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Yeah that's something that always made me sad, the fact that we probably won't get anymore Clone Wars episodes. I'd love more on the 501st, specifically Jesse Hardcase and Kix getting to know each other.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Hevy

The heavy trooper refers to either of the following: Advanced Recon Commando/ARC (heavy) trooper - Grand Army of the Republic Clone heavy trooper - Division of the Grand Army of the Republic (from the disputed canon source Battlefront II). Heavily equipped clone troopers that were primarily designed to destroy vehicles. Imperial heavy trooper - Stormtroopers with advanced armor and Force pikes.

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DC-15A blaster rifle. DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle. DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle. TL-50 Heavy Repeater. E-5C heavy blaster rifle. RT-97C heavy blaster rifle. Heavy blaster rifle. DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle/Legends.

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Fantasy. Sci-fi. Star Wars. Hevy, designated CT-782, was a Clone Trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic. He along with several of his "brothers" were enlisted into cadet team, Domino Squad during the Clone Wars. During cadet training, Hevy and his squad failed their final test, overseen by Bric, El-Les, Shaak Ti and ARC.

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CT-782, nicknamed Hevy, was a soldier of the Domino Squad in the Star Wars series, alongisde Fives and Echo, as well as Droidbait and Cutup. He sacrificed his life to take down a military base. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voices all the other clone troopers in Star Wars animated media. Just like all other clone troopers, Hevy was born on the planet Kamino from the DNA of Jango.

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He was on Kamino, a planet encased entirely with water, planning on taking his gear with him. Any attempts to get on a supply ship with his huge-ass gun would have netted him attention for sure.

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Biografie [] Zeit auf Kamino [] Probleme in der Ausbildung [] „Ihr sollt ballern und nicht quatschen!" — Hevy während einer Übungseinheit zu seinen Kameraden (). CT-782 war ein Klon des Kopfgeldjägers Jango Fett und wurde auf dem Planeten Kamino geboren. Während seiner Grundausbildung in Tipoca-Stadt wurde er in Kampf, Aufklärung und Militärstrategien geschult, was ihm später im.

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