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Zooey Deschanel The New Girl star has essentially defined our newest portmanteau, adorkable. Deschanel's character Jess — her obliviousness to one-night stands, her awkward tendency to sing.

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Marlon Brando - The Island of Dr. Moreau. Like Saturn 3, the 1996 adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau saw its director replaced during the film's troubled shoot. In the end, it was John.

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Barry Keoghan says that "Saltburn" helped people stop looking at him as just a "freak child-man.". In a new interview with GQ, the Irish actor opened up about how public perception of him has.

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By Morris M. / Updated: April 22, 2022 1:58 pm EST "Old Hollywood" is a synonym for class, sophistication, and images of matinee idols chastely stealing kisses on the silver screen. That's sure not how it felt at the time. Behind the glitz and glamour, Golden Age Tinseltown had a darker, more eccentric side.

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Weird looking actors by anonymuncule | created - 18 May 2014 | updated - 03 Nov 2016 | Public Sort by: View: 65 names 1. Marty Feldman Actor | Young Frankenstein "I am too old to die young, and too young to grow up," Marty Feldman told a reporter -- a week before he died.

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13 Celebrities Who Are Proud of Their Unusual Appearance, and We Can Learn a Lot From Them / Bright Side Error: is not a function Despite the fact that many people treat celebrities as ideals of beauty, they are not always perfect. But they manage to use their unusual appearances for their own benefit.

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Dec. at 57 (1948-2005) Ghost 19 and the deranged Thin Man in Charlie's Angels 8 Tilda Swinton John Malkovich John Malkovich is known for embodying complex, often malevolent characters with a chilling intensity.

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1. David Paymer Actor | Get Shorty One of modern TV and moviedom's most sturdy and reliable character actors, David Paymer dreamed of being an actor from early childhood. Although he came from a traditional middle-class Jewish family that urged him to become a doctor or lawyer, Paymer felt more at home in the world of the thespian.. 2.

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Written by Frazier Tharpe ( @The_SummerMan) Faye Dunaway Image via Complex Original The decorated veteran actress keeps it light most of the time, but, having played one of America's most famous.

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The greatest of all time. In my opinion he was hansome till a few years before his death, and he became less good looking because of a great amount of stress caused by the bad things people did to him, and of course because he wasn't that young anymore. Why don't people stop talking about his surgeries?

Pin by Speyton on Jace Norman (Henry Danger) in 2021 Good looking actors, How to look better

20 Creepy (But Good) Actors by elica_88 | created - 19 Dec 2010 | updated - 19 Dec 2010 | Public Some of the creepiest actors in Hollywood, on and off screen. Respect!! Sort by: View: 20 names 1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers Actor | Den 12. mann

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10 Most Unusual-Looking Actors In Movie History Sometimes looking a little strange can boost your career. by Andrew Dilks June 2nd, 2015 When you think of movie stars the image which comes.

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The Most Bizarre Looking Actors of All Time by FilmCuckoo | created - 26 May 2016 | updated - 19 Nov 2022 | Public Most of the actors on this list have been more than on one occasion hired for a job just because of their facial or physical characteristics.

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Odd-looking actors who've made it in Hollywood - The world of cinema is full of handsome men with symmetrical facial features, perfect hair, and Hollywood smiles, but not every actor shares these qualities. Some of the actors in this gallery have unusual traits and some even look 'evil,' but their talent is undeniable.

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briskt Actors/actresses with the most unique faces? Hi Reddit, who in Hollywood have the most unique looking faces, with lots of the character in them? I'm talking people like Danny Trejo, John Hawkes, Steve Buscemi, etc. i.e people with strange or striking features. 17 Share Sort by: Open comment sort options Add a Comment [deleted] • 9 yr. ago

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Here's a look at some of the most eccentric celebrities we think are worth noting. 1 of 25.. Burton's weird vibe comes through in his films, obviously, and perhaps because we always see him.